Hello there! Tasha is my name. For many years, I have worked as a vocal coach and therapist, as well as a vocal masterclass and workshop facilitator. The most essential discovery I've made over the years is that if you want to sing, you're born with it.

Opportunity is usually accompanied by desire. Let's get your voice heard, because it's calling you! The Art of Singing, like any other art, is made up of 10% talent and 90% hard work. I'll be there to guide you how to use your voice.
Believe you have the ability to sing!
I'll help you break down all the barriers to singing and start having fun!
Start your journey of opening and healing your connection to your voice with me!
Group Singing
Vocal Lessons
Circle Sound
Vocal Therapy
Just Breath
Vocal Improvisation and Games
Listen and feel pleasure from the sounds of your voice! Find out how your voice sounds without any rules and expectations! In this workshop you will find songs, vocal games, circle sound and exercises to develop and liberate your voice.
Just Sing
Improve your physical and emotional condition, reduce stress, calm anxiety, correct your posture and improve your mood! Breathing transforms the mind, balances the work of the chakras, releases energy and allows the voice to pass freely through the body and manifest into the world!
Free your creative flow! Allow yourself to be more open, compose poems and write songs, make unconventional decisions! Vocal games, canons, vocal improvisation, body percussion - this and much more awaits you!

Individual Sessions
Solve all the vocal secrets, discover and develop the power of your voice! Let singing bring you incomparable pleasure! Individual sessions include voice lessons, vocal therapy, voice healing.

Toulouse, France
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